One of the oldest Georgian regions; situates on the south-east coast of the black sea, having the status of autonomous republic. Adjara is mentioned in historical manuscripts from VII century. The administrative centre of the region is town Batumi. Its area consists of 2,9 square kilometers , population –  at about 400 000 men . There is humid subtropical climate on coast area. It is cold winter and hot summer in Adjara.

Greater part of territory is covered with mountains and deep gorges. Adjara is an agricultural region. Locals mainly produce citrus fruit and tea. The main directions are: tourism, the oil industry and mechanical engineering. According to the natural location of the region , it is very attractive for tourists, especially during the recent years when lots of innovative and amazing projects have been carried out in Adjara

Besides natural beauty, there are many historical-cultural monuments in the region, which gives additional attraction to the territory.


  • Gonio castle
  • Skhalta church
  • Batumi botanic garden
  • Petra castle ( VI)
  • Vernevi church (XI)
  • Tkhilvali church (middle ages)
  • Khulo castle
  • Shuakhevi  castle
  • Medieval arch bridges (Makhuntseti, Dandalo, Kobalauri, kokoleti, meskhikedi, Purtio, tskhenkani).