Georgia – State in the south of Caucasus, located at eastern seaside of the Black Sea. Its neighbouring countries are: Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Georgia contains two autonomous republics, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. There are 63 administrative districts, 61 towns, 53 boroughs   and about 4500 villages. Georgia covers 69700 square kilometers. The highest mountain in Georgia is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters (16,627ft) and the lowest point –the Black Sea (0m). Georgia is a multinational country. Its major population is Georgians (70%). Orthodox Christianity is the state religion of Georgia; however there are almost every religious followers of the world.

Georgia is a country of ancient Christian culture. This territory was inhabited even spreading Christianity, many centuries ago before our era. The world-known fact certifies that the human skulls of “The first European” are found in Dmanisi, Georgia. The state has always been attracted    for foreigners. Traditions, such as ancient culture, interesting historical past, location, faith, originality, folklore, feast, hospitality, have especially attracted travelers, investigators, historians or scientists, friends and even enemies of our country.

   Traditions and Cultural heritage of Georgia

The Georgian Church is Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Georgia is rich with oldest architectural monuments as well as with modern buildings. Several ancient Georgian monuments are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The latest astonishment is Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. This is one of the biggest monastery complexes in the world, with the height of 83 meters. There is recently made unique icon “Saqartvelos Imedi” which means “Hope of Georgia” and lots of saint body parts are secured here. This is the icon without  analogy all over the world.




  Georgian manuscript  – is one of the fourteen alphabets in the world. According to Georgian historian, Leonti Mroveli, Georgian alphabet was created by King Parnavaz I of Iberia in the third century B.C. Although it is considered , that it was invented much earlier, based on discoveries at the territory of Nekresi Monastery in 2000-2003. Georgian alphabet is unique because each letter corresponds each sound.







Georgian Folklore and Music Instruments – Georgia is the country of the oldest musical culture. The ancient archeological notes about Georgian music instruments date back to the 15th century B.C. The famous fact, sent of Georgian folk song “Chakrulo” in the space, that is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage nonmaterial monuments, indicates   exclusiveness of Georgian folk-lore. The main dignity of national songs is polyphony.  Number of followers of polyphonic music have significantly increased recently on the world .   




Georgian National Choreography   –  has the history of many centuries. According to archeological and ancient literary materials , Georgian national dance was the component  of Georgian life style. Every region has its own dances and each of them bears  different character and content. Nowadays, there are lots of national dancing groups in Georgia, among them are world-known “Sukhishvilebi”, “Erisioni “, “Rustavi” and so on.








Georgian Hospitality Georgia is one of the most hospitable countries in the world. Georgians still respect ancient traditions and have great appreciation to  ancestors’ customs. You will often hear this phrase in Georgia  “Stumari ghvtisaa” which means “Guest is  God’s”. Friendly relationship with a guest is precious for Georgians. The guest is taken  as the gift from God and is treated with great respect.


Art and Literature  –  xelovneba.jpgWorld worth monument of Georgian literature is Shota Rustaveli’s poetic masterpiece “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, which  is translated into numerous foreign languages. There have always lived lots of world respected, the most gifted  poets, writers or artists in  all art fields. Several Georgian painters, such as Nikoloz Pirosmanishvili (Niko Pirosmani), Lado Gudiashvili and Davit Kakabadze, are well known with their paintings  in the world. Numbers of ancient and unique things are being kept in the state. Travel with us and find out more about Georgian art  and have more touch with our cultural heritage .

Territorially, Georgia is a small state; however there are various means for having excellent rest. Georgia is waiting for all tourists having desire to get pleasure from the astonishing country situating at the Europe-Asian crossroad. Georgian nation is well known for its hospitality and tolerance.

You can travel in Georgia during all  four seasons. Here are the   sea and mountains. Georgia is rich with ancient and unique monuments. You can see human remains of the “First European”inhabitants ,  world importance archeological discovery . You will taste world famous wines, see the highest settlement in Europe .   The only two-domed church in Christian world, the second highest domed church,  several large monastery complexes caved in rocks and many other interesting sites or monuments.

droshaGeorgia always waits for you. Arrive, travel and become  “One of us “ just some period.gerbi

Georgia is located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. From geo political point of view it is in alpine-Himalaya zone. Almost all types of subtropical climate are represented here. Here are mountainous regions as well as lowlands. Georgia’s natural resources are diverse and attract   the visits during all the four seasons. 



imagesSpring – Pine tree flourishes in the mountainous regions in the period and having rest for those who suffer with lungs and broncos illnesses in such regions will be really useful. Herewith, one will have a rest in the marvelous natural environment.


summer-at-lonely-beach-1440x9001Summer- in the season one can visit both mountainous and sea side regions of the country. There are lots of entertaining and beautiful places in Georgia. Beautiful sights and lots of interesting places wait for holiday seekers.


11949511_1703371926611966_3988987164317275764_nAutumn- this season is very beautiful and “golden” in the country. It is the time of harvest and vintage. Georgians make Pelamushi and Churchkela during the period. One will not forget their taste if they try them.


winter-wallpaper-17Winter –  you can visit Georgian mountainous resorts during the season. There is permanent snow from November to April. Fresh air, snow, amazing nature wait for tourists and holiday seekers.

qvevri-gaeroshiwine-tasting       Wine – wine- making roots from ancient period in Georgia.              It can be said that our state is the homeland of wine. Even BC our
ancestors were engaged with the activity. Grape stones discovered in Georgia possess Eneolithic period and date with 6TH, 7TH centuries BC.  Herewith, wine grapes of 5th, 6th centuries are also found here. From 4000 wine varieties of the world, 450 are Georgian indigenous ones.  Global industry recognizes that Georgia has incomparable tradition of wine-making. You can see wine ceramic vessel “Kvevri “ with all antic monuments and in the families of almost all local peasants in our country. Georgia significantly exceeds European tradition in this field. There are no bad wines in Georgia; they can be classified only as good or the best ones.  Especially amazing are “peasant made “wines.
“ K v e v r i “

1Georgia and the first Europeans- Dmanisi pale anthropology collection is the richest in the world.4533496662 The scientists consider that the remains of the humans discovered in Dmanisi possesses earlier group of Homo erectus – homo ergaster and dates with 1, 8 -1, 7 MILLION year.  Dmanisi researches have completely changed the views on exile of hominids from Eurasia to Africa. After the discoveries on Georgian territory it was stated that Dmanisi is the homeland of the first Europeans.  The models of the fisrts Europeans were conditionally named as Zezva and Mzia. After, a remain of a small girl was found. The three models ware created by famous French pale artist Elisabeth Dene.   You can see the models of ancient Europeans in Dmanisi museum. Travel in our state and see the country of the first Europeans.

The most attractive places in Georgia.

Robe of Christ and Saint Mary-in Georgia.

kvarti (qritse gvtismshobeli)

Sighnaghi Fence- it is the largest fence in Europe and takes the second place in the world after the Chinese wall.

signagis galavani







Europe’s highest pick is in Georgia.









Ushguli is the highest village in the world.









The first gold mines were discovered in Georgia in Sakdrisi.

saydrisis magaro







The first Eurasians lived in Dmanisi.

pirveli evropelebi







The deepest gap in Europe is in Georgia, called Snowy Gap( Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia)









Archeological monuments of Iron Era in Trialeti( the first paintings on the walls, including the symbol of the Tbilisi State University- roe feeds its firstling).

trialetis kultura







Homeland of wine.

gvinis samSoblo








Country of Amirani( Prometheus).








Homeland of Media.









Georgian voice in cosmos- Chakrulo.








Homeland of Stalin.

stalisnis samsoblo








Endemic flora and fauna of Caucasus and Georgia.







1800 years old tree.










Georgian manuscript is one of the oldest in the world.

qartuli xelnaweri






Tsutskhvati Cave in Tkibuli region is the first in the world for its multistory, consists of 11-12 stories.

cucxatis mgvime








The hottest water was found in Georgia, in Ochamchire region village Kindghi. Its temperature is 104 degree. The water purls out of 3580 meters.

cxeli wylis geizeri ochamchireWater found on the areas of Ponichala enjoys nearly with the same temperature, 103 degree. The water was discovered in 1966 and it comes out of 3600 meters. Tsaishi mineral water temperature is 81 degree.





The first children’s railway was constructed in Tbilisi, in Mushtaeti garden in 1935.








The first honey was found in Georgia in Borjomi region. Scientists believe that Georgian honey is 2000 years older than Egyptian. They claim that Georgian honey dates back with 5500 years, when the honey found in Tutankhamen tomb was made 3500 years ago. If the archeological discovery is proved with scientifically Georgia will be recognized as the homeland of honey.

qartuli tapli

bagrati1 Bagrati Cathedral – one of the most ancient, X-XI centuries’ monument in Georgia; It situates in Kutaisi and was built while the   reign of Georgian king, Bagrat III (975-1014).  The cathedral has really special importance in Georgian history especially with its artistic and architectural values. Based on the materials, the church was ruined by ottomans in 1692. Currently, the cathedral is being reconstructed and very soon it will return its initial image back. The monument is in UNESCO cultural inheritance list.

gelati Gelati Monetary – it situates in North-East of town Kutaisi, in the gorge of river Tskaltsitela. It was built by prominent Georgian King, David the Builder in 1106. Gelati was not only cultural centre of Georgia, it took special place in cultural life of whole west. Invited scholars from Mangana Academy, Arsen Ikaltoeli and Ioane Petritsi activated at the academy established at Gelati monastery.  The academy was so prestigious that it was called the second Athos    or the second Jerusalem. The monument is in UNESCO cultural inheritance list.

ushguli slideUshguli  village in Zemo Svaneti (Upper Svaneti), at the bottom of the highest Georgian mountain Shkhara , on 2000 meter above sea level.  Ushguli is regarded as the highest village in Europe and is recognized as the cultural value of the world. 30 Svanetian towers and an ancient basilica church still stand here. Really astonishing nature of Ushguli, and amazing landscape make an unforgettable impression on visitors; Ushguli is in UNESCO cultural inheritance list. Travel in Ushguli and see the unique museum under open air.

sveticxoveliSvetitskhoveli – the most grandiose church construction in Georgia among the ancient monuments. Firstly, a church on the place was built in IV century. It was newly built with a new image in 1010-1029. Despite restoration, fragments of old church and XIX century fresco are still preserved in Svetitskhoveli.  The greatest holy relic of Christian world robe of Jesus Christ is buried in the cathedral.

jvari slidJvari Monastery   one of the best examples of 6th century’s Georgian architecture. It situates on the hill, in the east of Mtskheta . Marvelous sights are visible from the place, including outfall of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, which gives the area special and unique charm. The monastery is in UNESCO cultural inheritance list.

Q V E V R I    W I N E S

N A T I O N A L    T R E A S U R E


4The ancient kingdom Colchis which was formed in the 6th century BC united the west Georgia. Based on Greek materials the kingdom was very wealthy. The kingdom is related with the famous legend of Argonauts.

Argonauts were Greek heroes who traveled in Colchis for to take Golden Fleece from the kingdom. The name of Argonauts originates from their ship name “Argo”. The leader of Argonauts managed to take the fleece with the assistance of Colchis king’s daughter Media who fell in love with him.

Colchis was especially rich with gold, solver and iron. The locals knew the secret of mining gold. Greeks’ aim was to understand the secret. Supposedly, Colchis people were mining gold through the fleece with a definite methodology.  many scientists consider that the legend was based on a reality and golden fleece was not just a part of imagination.

You can travel to the country which was the land of mythological people and where legendary heroes traveled. You can see the place where was Colchis kingdom and look at various proofs that above mentioned was not just a legend.

argonautus collage
  K I N G D O M   o f    C O L C H I S

Georgia is rich  with architectural monuments in almost all its regions. There ate lots of public, fortification buildings however, the country is especially rich with churches and monasteries.

The first church in Georgia was built in 30th of the IV century. This church does not exist any more and there is Svetitskhoveli amazing cathedral on the place. The initial style of Georgian architecture was basilica. Excellent example of such style church is Bolnisi Trinity (V). Step by step the style was changed into domed one. Such kinds of churches are: Svetitskhoveli, Gelati, Alaverdi, Nikortsminda, Pitareti and others. The churches are adored with ornaments and specific Georgian signs, images of animals and birds, colors are excellently mixed.

Georgian fortification enjoys with originality. Such categories of constructions are located on hardly approachable areas: on the hills, slopes, on the mountains and so on. In general, they had controlled the whole gorge, area, village or town. 4-5 storied towers were especially wide spread and each floor was connected with each other with various ways. There are Svanetian and Khevsurian towers in Georgia. They are quite similar. However, Kkevsurian towers are narrower at the top. The towers have special holes for weapons.

Caved fortification constructions like Vardzia and Uplistsikhe are very interesting as well. Vardzia is 900 meter in length and there are nearly 600 rooms in it.