Historical –Geographical part of the state in the west Georgia; it is mentioned in historical materials firstly in the VIII century.  Region’s area is 2030,7 square kilometres , population – 148 000 men . Climate is humid subtropical. Based on current administrative –territorial division the region covers the following districts: Ozurgeti , Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri. The region is mainly agricultural and residents are engaged with producing of subtropical cultures and tea. Guria is famous for several well known resorts: Bakhmaro , Nabeghlavi , Gomismta , Ureki, Shekvetili , Grigoleti . there are lots of  excellent monuments of nature , architecture and culture on the region territory ; the most important among them are : Shemokmedi monastery complex , Likhauri church , Jumari church , Jikheti monastery .


Achri Church

Erketi Church

Shemokmedi monastery complex

Likhauri church

Vashnari ruin


Jumati church

Jikheti monastery

Udabno monastery

Askana Castle