The state’s beautiful region in the west Georgia .Archeological excavations in the area prove that people lived in Imereti even in Paleolithic era.  The territory had had significant and strategic – cultural importance for centuries .famous “silk road” crossed the region and connected eastern and western countries.

The region area covers 6552 square kilometers, population – 700 000 men.  Forest area spreads on 250 000 hectares. Maximal height from sea level is 2850 meter.

Imereti is a special region as there are 333 historical monuments. Those monuments have created an obvious picture of specifically  rich   cultural-historical development of the region since antic period to current days .

There are lots of natural, cultural and architectural monuments in Imereti . the most important among them are : Vani antic period ruins , Motsameta monastery ( VIII century ) , Katskhi column ( middle ages  ) and so on .  The region is well known for its hospitality.



  • Mghvimevi monastery
  • Motsameta monastery
  • Bagrati monastery
  • Gelati monastery and  academy
  • Ubisa church (X-XI)
  • St  George church
  • Geguti castle(XII)
  • Three staged waterfall
  • Katskkhi column (middle ages )
  • Vani ruins
  • Sakazhia, kumistavi and Chakhati caves
  • Sataplia cave
  • Shorapani castle
  • Bugeuli Church (XIV-XV)