Beautiful Georgian region, considered as a homeland of wine, in the east part of the country. The region area covers 11, 310 square kilometres, population- 407 000 men. There are both tropical and steppe nature.

It can be said that nature in Kakheti is characterised with splendid diversity. We can see semi desert, evergreen forests and subalpine flora on the region territory.

Kakheti is famous with great number of historical –cultural monuments. Lots of castles and churches are within the region, unique ones among them. Herewith, there are six protected territories in the region: Batsara, Babaneuli, Mariamjvari and Vashlovani reservations, Tusheti and Lagodekhi national parks. Beauty of those places greatly influences the visitors.

As it has already been mentioned, the region is well known with wine making. Traditional Kakhetian songs, with traditional food and local wine attract the visitors no less than rich historical-cultural heritage.


  • Alaverdi (X-XVII)
  • Alvani (VIII-IX.)
  • Baikho trinity (VII .)
  • Kvetari castle(VIII-XI )
  • Matani castle(XVIII )
  • Gurjaani kvelatsminda (VIII )
  • Vejini monastery compex (X-XI)
  • Zegaani Kvelatsminda (V-VII )
  • Kardebakhi sabatsminda (VI-XIV)
  • Sanagire basilica (X-XVI)
  • Cheremi castle -town(V )
  • Khornabuji castle (V )
  • New Shuamta  (XVI )
  • Vanta complex (VIII-IX )
  • Batoni castle (XVII )
  • Ikalto monastery and academy (VI-XII)
  • Kariskhevi St.Mary church (VI-VII )
  • Old Shuamta (V–VII)
  • Leliani monastery complex (X–XI )
  • Davit -Gareja (VI-XVIII )
  • Manavi Church (XVIII )
  • Martkopi monstery complex (VI-XIX სს.),
  • Ninotsminda monastery complex (VI )
  • Castle-town UJarma (IV )
  • Bodbe monastery complex (IV-IX)town Sighnaghi (XVIII )
  • Khirsi monastery (VI )
  • Gremi (XVI)
  • Nekresi monastery compex (IV-IX)
  • Nekresi pre cristianity chapel ( II BC)
  • Kvareli castle (XVI-XVII)
  • Easter cathedral (XVI-XVII)
  • Old Gavazi st. Mary church(V–VI )
  • Dubi nunnery (VI )
  • Kvareli wine tunnel
  • Desert column