One of the most distinguished and beautiful regions of Georgia, with magnificent peaks, snowy mountains , amazing gorges and alpine  fields .

Mtsketa –Mtianeti consists with 5 administrative parts: Akhalgori, Dusheti , Tianeti , Mtskheta and Kazbegi districts . From geographic point of view the region covers: Khevi, Ertso –Tianeti , Pshavi , Khevsureti , Gudamakari and partially Ksniskhevi historical provinces . The area is -805, 5 square kilometres, population – 63, 9 thousand men. There is moderately cold winter and long, warm summer. Flora is rich and diverse, as well as its fauna. There are Saguramo and Kazbegi protected areas in the region. Here are lots of historical monuments , some of them are in UNESCO world heritage list .


  • Shatili
  • Mutso
  • Bazaleti
  • Shiomghvime monastery
  • Gudauri
  • Gergeti Trinity
  • Town –museum Mtskheta
  • Ananuri monastery
  • Gergeti trinity