The region situates in the north –west of the country. The whole area is 4, 6 thousands square kilometers, population- 48, 525 men. The region has rich history; the oldest historical materials mention its name even in the second century BC.

Racha –Lechkhumi is the ancient centre of Christian culture.   Joisubani st. George church (VIII) , Tbeti church( VIII-IX) , Nkortsminda cathedral –build by the king Bagrat III in 1010-1014 , Chelishi St. Mary church which was well known  for its book depository, prove this .

42% of the territory is covered with forests, which gives the region amazing beauty. Climate is humid; long and cold winter, short and warm summer.  The Region Rivers are too fast, what creates excellent environment for rafting. Racha has great potential from tourism viewpoint. Apart from really distinguished nature, the region is well known with various cultural-historical monuments, unique vine breed, lots of means for great rest and entertainment.


  • Nikortsminda ( XI)
  • Oni castle ( middle ages)
  • Shkmeri cave (1720 meters)
  • Mtiskalta church ( X-XI)
  • Utsera church
  • Barakoni church (XVIII)
  • Khvanchkara castle  and church ( middle ages)
  • Khotevi castle ( middle ages )
  • Bugeuli church (XIV-XV)